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visual harmonia

can you hear me?

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1) Please don't archive my icons or wallpapers on your own site without asking me first - it makes the baby Kyuubi cry. And if you do archive, put a link back here.

2) Also, don't claim that you made any of these, because then I have to go all ninja on your ass.

3) Icons are fully shareable and customizable - credit in the icon keywords is required, though.

4) I don't do requests - I'm really sorry, but this stuff is just a hobby for me, and I have classes that eat up a lot of my time. Doing it for fun is fine, but it takes too long to fill requests for people. There's communities for that all over LJ - I advise you to seek out some of them if you want a custom icon or wallpaper.

Scans are obtained from various sources around the internet - I can't be arsed to remember them all, but chances are I found them through Google searches and the like.

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If you'd like to affiliate, just drop me a line. ^^